We need a road that goes from pavement to gravel

When we were approached by Factor Bikes to direct and shoot the video for the launch of their new Ostro Gravel Bike, we knew we were in for an exciting and challenging project. The goal was to showcase the bike's capabilities, from its speed and handling on pavement to its agility and durability on gravel. But we also wanted to tell a story that would capture the essence of the gravel riding experience and the freedom it offers.

Our first challenge was finding the perfect location. We scoured the beautiful province of British Columbia, from Cache Creek to Clinton, in search of winding roads with epic vistas that would support our gravel rider storyline. And boy, did we hit the jackpot! The roads we found were absolutely breathtaking, with sweeping views of the mountains and valleys.

Once we had the location locked down, we set out to build a skeleton crew of super talented and keen individuals who could elevate the project. From our 1st AC who had to pull focus from inside a truck with a moving jib on the back, to our drone specialists who captured some truly amazing FPV shots, every member of the team brought their A-game and contributed to the project's success.

Working with creative director, Jay Gundzig, we set out to craft a storyline that would showcase the bike's on-pavement and on-gravel capabilities, while also emphasizing its speed, handling, and agility. We wanted to capture the thrill of the ride, the sense of freedom and adventure that comes with being out on the open road, and the bike's ability to handle any terrain with ease.

To bring the story to life, we enlisted the help of two incredible cyclists, Celeste Pomerantz and Julian Wells. These two rode from dawn to dusk with no complaints, truly pushing the bikes to their limits and showcasing their capabilities. Their performances were nothing short of spectacular, and they were a huge part of why the video turned out so well.

One of the things that made this project so special was the creative freedom that we as a team received from Factor Bikes. They trusted us to tell the story and create the visuals for such a flagship product, and that trust allowed us to be truly bold and innovative in our approach.

Overall, the experience of directing and shooting the video for the Factor Bikes launch of the Ostro Gravel Bike was a truly memorable one. From the stunning locations, to the talented cast and crew, to the creative freedom we were given, every aspect of the project was a success. We are extremely proud of the final product and can't wait for everyone to see it.

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