What does it mean to love your own way?

The Vancouver Club campaign, "Love Your Own Way" was a project that was incredibly special to us. As a team, we were given the opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional messaging and create something truly unique and meaningful. The Vancouver Club, being a prominent establishment in the city, has always towed a very conservative line with its messaging, and this campaign was designed to challenge that and push the conversation both internally and externally.

  • The Vancouver Club is a prominent establishment in the city but has towed a very conservative line with its messaging.  This campaign was designed to push the conversation, both internally and externally.  Being apart of pushing the boundaries but doing it in a tasteful and powerful way was critical.
  • Finding the perfect talent, Sydney Chukas, who is a headliner dancer with the BC Ballet was so incredibly talented but also was given create freedom to embody the story and create his own choreography working alongside director Mark Milburn.
  • We needed to find a dress that would be a) beautiful b) work for a male body and c) allow Sydney to dance in it.  All of this was accomplished by the insanely talented Eduardo Ramos
  • The Georgian Room at the Vancouver Club was the setting and we made the executive decision to remove all of the furniture in the space and shoot it completely empty.  This made it just the dancer and the room.  We wanted to be able to focus on the architecture of the space and highlight its beauty.

The actual story and messaging. Love your own way is about challenging traditional norms of marriage. As this was a wedding campaign we wanted to change the perspective and put the power in the hands of the person. Sydney, represented the male and female voice, the straight and queer, the identified and unidentified personality that exists in the dilemma of challenging the norms. We wanted the story to be powerful, authentic and true.

Again, the crew, and the amazing production coordinating of Keyon Slowly, and the beautiful DP work of Devin Karrington, was everything and helped get this beautiful project across the finish line and I will always be grateful to them.

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